Small wireless loggers of the dimensions 10 × 9 × 4 cm simultaneously record electrical resistance of the metallic sensor, ambient temperature and relative humidity and send the data to the communication gate using radio waves. Loggers are battery-driven with the 3 years guaranteed lifetime while measuring with 1-hour frequency.

Depending on the expected operational environment, three CorrSen logger modifications are available:

CorrSen-B (Basic)

Logger with a thin highly-sensitive replaceable sensor connected to the logger. Suitable for indoor environments with low corrosivity, for example clean and server rooms, exhibition halls and museum depositaries.

CorrSen-H (Harsh)

Logger with a thick sensor with long lifetime, insulated and connected to the logger. Suitable for outdoor exposures, highly-corrosive industrial halls and accelerated corrosion tests.

CorrSen-D (Detached)

Logger with a sensor soldered on a long cable. This modification is available for both thin and thick sensors. Thin highly-sensitive sensors may be used in small hard to approach areas with low corrosivity, as museum cases. Thick sensors can be places in strongly corrosive environments, for example on insulated pipes. Standard cable length of 2 m can be adjusted for request.

Communication gate

Communication gate of the dimensions 16.5 × 16 × 8 cm forwards the data from loggers to server. It is stationary plugged and utilizes radio waves for logger to gate communication and GSM for gate to server communication.


Measured data are processed and presented on server. Simple and user-friendly web interface is used to set the measurement conditions, follow corrosivity evolution and environmental factors in real time and download the data as a xlsx. or csv. file. Corrosivity is evaluated in absolute actual corrosion rate values and as corrosivity class according to the chosen standard. User can set the corrosivity, temperature and relative humidity limits to receive warning in case of the limit excess via SMS or e-mail.