Highly-sensitive wireless device for the real-time monitoring of atmospheric corrosivity


Measurement principles

CorrSen is a highly-sensitive wireless device for the real-time monitoring of atmospheric corrosivity. The device records electrical resistance of a thin metallic sensor (ER sensor) placed on a non-conductive substrate and exposed under corrosive conditions. As a result of corrosion process, sensor thickness decreases leading to the electrical resistance increase which is directly recalculated to the corrosion depth, actual corrosion rate and environmental corrosivity.

Owing to the simple operation principle, the device is easy maintainable and provides direct corrosion data in all types of atmospheres. Simultaneously with the corrosion rate, temperature and relative humidity are recorded by the logger to provide the overview of environmental factors effect on the environmental corrosivity.

CorrSen sestava


CorrSen can be exposed in all types of atmospheres starting from those mild indoor environments, to the polluted industrial areas and harsh outdoor conditions.

CorrSen application areas include:

  • Production process optimization in chemical, pulp and oil and gas industries
  • Material testing in automotive and aerospace
  • Environmental monitoring in server rooms and clean areas
  • Storage and transportation conditions monitoring
  • Corrosivity and air filtering system effectiveness evaluation in cultural heritage institutions
  • Monitoring in military facilities
  • Scientific applications

Resistometric sensors

Each ER sensor has four parts, three of them exposed to surrounding environment and thus acting as measuring and the fourth covered part serving as a reference for temperature effects compensation. 

Resistometric sensors
CorrSen monitoring system Schema

CorrSen monitoring system

CorrSen system contains of a small wireless logger, communication gate and server for data processing and presentation.

Laboratory testing

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